5 Household Items You Should Clean Immediately After Recovering From a Cold

5⁤ Household ⁤Items You Should Clean First After Having a ‍Cold

Catching a cold is ‍never‌ pleasant, but ⁤proper⁤ cleaning and disinfecting of household⁣ items can‍ help prevent the spread ​of⁣ ⁣germs and‍ protect the health⁢ of your family and loved ones. After recovering from a ⁣cold,⁤ ​it’s essential to prioritize⁤ ​cleaning specific items that ‌‍come into frequent contact with hands ‌and respiratory⁢ secretions. ⁣To help you stay⁤ healthy and germ-free, here are ‍five household items you should⁤ clean first:

  1. Bedding ‍and Linens

    During illness, we spend a significant amount of time in ​bed, and bacteria and viruses can easily⁢ linger ​on bedding and linens. Start⁣ by washing your pillows, ⁤pillowcases, sheets, and blankets on a hot water‍ cycle. This⁤ will help eliminate any​ residual germs ⁣and ensure ⁣a⁢ fresh and⁢ clean sleep environment.

  2. Personal Care ‌Items

    When⁢ you’re⁣ sick, personal ⁢care items like toothbrushes, combs, and hairbrushes are ⁣often overlooked. ⁣These items can​ harbor ‍lingering germs, so⁣ it’s⁣ crucial to ⁣clean or ​replace them after a cold. ‍Consider soaking your ​toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash or‍ boiling it for a few‍ minutes ‍to kill any ‍remaining ⁣bacteria. ⁣Replace‌ combs​ and hairbrushes or clean them‌ thoroughly with​ warm ⁢soapy ‍water.

  3. Kitchen‌ Utensils

    During ⁢a cold, we frequently use kitchen utensils and dishes. Ensure proper⁤ cleaning and​ sanitization of ‍utensils⁣ such⁣ as spoons,‍ forks, and knives,⁤ as well as plates, glasses,⁢ and bowls. ‍Always wash them thoroughly with​ warm ​soapy⁢ water, and ⁣consider running ​them through a dishwasher cycle for an extra dose of hot water and heat-based disinfection.

  4. Electronic Devices

    Our electronic⁢ devices, ​such as smartphones, tablets, and remote controls, ‍travel ‌with us ⁣⁣everywhere, including to⁤ bed when we are ⁣sick. These⁣ devices can harbor a ⁢⁣vast number of germs. ‍Use an alcohol-based disinfectant wipe to clean your electronic⁣⁣ devices, paying special attention to ​touch screens,⁤ buttons, and‍ surfaces touched frequently.

  5. Doorknobs and Light Switches

    Doorknobs and‍⁤ light switches ‌are‍ some of the most‌ frequently ⁤touched surfaces in our homes. Therefore, they are prime candidates for harboring bacteria and viruses. Wipe down all doorknobs, handles, and ‍⁤light switches⁤ using disinfectant⁢ wipes or⁣ a cloth ​soaked in a solution of water‌ and household disinfectant. Regularly cleaning ⁤⁣these high-touch ‌areas ‍is an effective way to minimize​ the spread‌ of germs within your⁤ home.

Quick Cleaning Tips:

  1. Always wash your hands with soap⁣ and water ⁣for at⁢ least 20 seconds before and ‌after cleaning.
  2. Use ⁣disinfectants recommended by health authorities⁢ to ensure efficacy against common germs.
  3. Remember⁣ to clean other surfaces throughout your home, from ⁢countertops to‌ remote controls, to maintain a⁤ healthy and germ-free environment.

Note: If your symptoms‍ were severe or if you have ⁣a⁢ weakened immune system, ⁤‌consider seeking professional cleaning services to​ ⁤ensure ⁤a thorough ⁤and⁢ safe cleaning process.

5 Household Items You ‌Should Clean Immediately After Recovering From a Cold When recovering from a cold,‌ it’s essential to keep surfaces and​ household⁤ items clean to prevent re-infection. Below is a list of five items that should immediately be cleaned when recovering from a cold.

1. Toothbrush: Viruses can⁤ linger ‌on toothbrushes ⁤long after a cold has⁣ subsided. It’s imperative to​ dispose of ‍an old toothbrush and pick up⁣ a new one once you’ve recovered to ‌prevent the virus from being reintroduced.

2. Linens: It’s likely you were taking care‍ of yourself‌ in bed ⁣while recovering from⁤ your cold, using sheets, pillowcases, and other linens. These items should ⁤be⁤ washed in hot water to kill any virus ⁢that may have come‍ into contact with them.

3. Eating Utensils: Eating utensils⁣ come⁤ in contact with your mouth,‍ transferring cold-forming viruses from your body. Wash all utensils thoroughly with ⁢hot, soapy water to eradicate any‌ organism that ⁣may be ‍lingering on‌ them.

4. Remote Controls: ⁤Remote controls are⁤ used throughout the day and they are a ‌hot spot for picking up viruses. Using a t-shirt ‌or cloth, spray rubbing ‌alcohol‌ on the remote to disinfect it from germs.

5. Kitchen Counters: Kitchen counters are a‌ common touchpoint for ⁢those ⁣recovering from a cold.‌ Use a disinfectant to wipe down countertops to prevent re-infection.

It is important to stay hygienic when recovering from a⁣ cold ⁣to ensure full recovery and prevent further spreading. Make⁣ sure to follow this list‌ and⁢ clean these items immediately after recovering from a cold.

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